2025 15th Yunnan International Building and Decoration Materials Exposition

Time: May 11-13, 2025 Venue: Kunming Dianchi International Exhibition Center

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As a platform for communication, trade, and cooperation in the construction and decoration industry in Yunnan Province and even South Asia, Yunnan Building Expo can help you conveniently and quickly expand your business network, enjoy a full range of free and high-quality services before, during, and after exhibitions, as well as non sponsored business matching. "Pre-registration" helps you visit more effectively, and take away the following benefits:

Finding Business Connections
• Be aware of the exhibition process in advance, expand into emerging markets, and win new business opportunities in the industry.

• Exhibitors release new products, showcase cutting-edge technology, and stay up-to-date with market trends.
• Online visits and exchanges, timely access to online information, and expand network connections.

Quick Searching
• View personalized recommendations to easily discover relevant exhibitors and products.
• Discover new exhibitors or products that have not been seen before.
• Save time searching for exhibitor directories, plan visits or meetings in advance, and make visits more efficient.

Business Macthing
• Based on the selected "products of interest" in the table, the system will recommend more and higher quality business negotiations.
• Based on the feedback provided in the form, the system will recommend more professional business partners.
• The concurrent conference activities at the exhibition will help you expand your business vision and social network.

How to Join in
• Complete and accurately fill out and submit your industry information, product interests, and visit purposes in the audience registration form.
• After completing the visit registration, you will receive personalized recommendations for products, exhibitors, and concurrent conference activities that can be seen at the exhibition.

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