2025 15th Yunnan International Building and Decoration Materials Exposition

Time: May 11-13, 2025 Venue: Kunming Dianchi International Exhibition Center

Before Opening

About "CKBD"

The Yunnan International Building and Decoration Materials Exposition is a professional exhibition in the construction and decoration industry in Yunnan Province, which combines professionalism, industry chain integrity, and the largest scale. It is committed to building a professional B2B exhibition, exchange, trade, and cooperation platform for brand suppliers, production enterprises, traders, agents, and market professionals in Yunnan Province and even in South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is held every May at the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming.The exhibition covers a variety of themes including construction technology, decorative……[More+]

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Exhibition Area




New Products



Exhibition Highlights

Scale Expansion

The exhibition area of the 2024 Yunnan Construction Expo has increased to over 100000 square meters, inviting more than 1500 domestic and foreign enterprises and exhibiting over 5000 brands. It is expected that the number of visitors will reach 150000+.

Professional Exhibition

The exhibition adheres to the concept of green building and decoration, showcases the entire industry chain, covering products such as building technology, decorative materials, bathroom, doors and windows and supporting facilities, whole house customization (brand), customized home furnishings, kitchen appliances, etc., comprehensively and deeply promoting green buildings and promoting the upgrading and development of the building and decoration industry.

Precision Invitation

The exhibition audience is aimed at distributors, agents, purchasers, business associations, building materials cities and other related professionals in the construction and installation industry. Covering over 660000 professional audience data from the southwest region, precise invitations are made through face-to-face phone calls, face-to-face visits, express delivery, SMS, social media, and other methods. After the upgrade of the exhibition scale, it is expected that more than 150000 people will visit the exhibition.

Multiple Promotions

The exhibition will integrate three major functions: promotion, trading, and service, fully leveraging its role as a window for transmitting market information and exchanging advanced technologies, providing exhibitors with a comprehensive and multi angle combination of promotional models, linking multiple resources to promote the industry's progress, directly addressing industry pain points and hotspots, creating a multi field, multi-channel, and multi-level cooperation model, constantly colliding with new ideas and perspectives.

Strong Alliance

Collaborating with multiple industry associations and enterprises to hold over 20 themed events, including industry summit forums, industry training, design competitions, award ceremonies, and new product promotions, industry experts gathered to discuss industry hotspots and pain points, and jointly contribute to the development of the industry.

Southwest Hub

Yunnan is backed by the southwestern hinterland of China, connected to the Silk Road Economic Belt in the north, the Maritime Silk Road in the south, and the Yangtze River Economic Belt in the east. Its geographical advantages are prominent, leading the trend.

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Exhibit Type

Hall for Architectural Science and Tech

Green buildings, prefabricated buildings, integrated houses and supporting materials, smart buildings, smart construction sites, 5G application technology, wall insulation and roof waterproofing, building coatings and flooring materials, new (low-carbon) building materials, decorative materials, roof and three-dimensional greening materials, various raw materials, etc. Comprehensively reflect the development achievements of urban construction, village and town construction, residential construction, as well as the construction industry, real estate industry, and survey and design industry since the reform and opening up; The construction of urban and rural construction standard system, legal system, and scientific research system; Construction market supervision, engineering quality and safety supervision, and the construction of a real estate market supervision system; Achievements in building energy conservation and technology work, as well as exhibitions and promotions organized by various states and cities in Yunnan Province.

Hall for Decorative materials, bathroom

Decorative materials, integrated ceilings, integrated bathrooms, bathroom cabinets, smart toilets, pipes and fittings; Wallpaper fabric, various types of flooring, floor tiles, decorative hardware, home wiring, lighting and lighting fixtures, bathroom appliances; Shower room and hardware, ceramic rock panels and smart homes, home cleaning appliances, air purification, small appliances and leisure appliances, etc.

Hall for Doors, windows and supporting facilities

Aluminum alloy doors and windows, system doors and windows, aluminum profile series, intelligent door and window series; Entrance doors, aluminum doors, wooden doors, set doors, smart locks, smart sunshades, and guardrails; Curtain wall and adhesive, glass, door and window equipment, door and window accessories and supporting supplies, etc.

Hall for Whole Customized (Brand)

Whole house customization, high-end customization and decoration, whole kitchen customization, integrated customization, whole house wooden doors, whole house wall panels, whole house furniture, whole house flooring, whole wood home decoration, villa decoration customization, whole house appliances, etc.

Hall for Customized Home Furnishings

Customized home furnishings, customized door and wall cabinets, integrated wardrobes, panels, customized hardware, stairs; Wall cabinet sliding doors, door panels, decorative paper, decorative film, edge banding, sealing strips, anti-collision strips, coatings, adhesives; Customization of soft furnishings, integrated ceiling, smart home ecosystem, smart home appliances, etc; Woodworking equipment, customized software, mechanical supporting tools, etc.

Hall for Kitchen Appliance

Integrated stoves, range hoods, stoves, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, embedded kitchen appliances, gas water heaters, kitchen air conditioning, kitchenware, cabinets, water purification equipment, electric faucets, etc.

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Exhibition Histories

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Cooperative Medias

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